Travel that will comfortably and safely blow your mind,

and leave the world a better place!

Come join us in March 12-23 2020 for an amazing trip designed for home school students and a variety of adult guests open to a service/learning adventure. The trip will offer service opportunities with some amazing organizations, life changing adventures, fun, possibly new friendships and a newfound love of a developing country. You will never be quite the same.
    The trip will be led by Wally Schmidt, who in his past life was developer/creator of CMU's OUTTATOWN discipleship school and before that responsible for creating youth drop-in centres in Manitoba and beyond. A professional photographer by trade he will no doubt be an excellent resource for those looking to expand their visual arts. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Note to school teachers and administrators: We'd love to work with you to design a safe and inspirational trip specifically for your school..
      Our trips are mind stretching adventures, a blend of service and education designed to bring you back just a little deeper, wider and stronger with a whole new understanding of the world around you. Designed by educators and refined by student experience our trips will take you from the Guatemalan Highlands to the lowland coffee farms and back up to one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Lake Atitlan. We might help build a school in the town of El Rejon, explore the 500-year-old European colonial ruins of Antigua, where the “old world” set up its first headquarters in the New World.

School Trips

We have been taking students safely on school trips for many years. For reasons including cost, distance, safety, beauty, opportunity to serve and incredible teaching moments, Guatemala is a fabulous destination. More…

2 volunteer work day

The Work Projects

We will dig wells, build smokeless stoves, help to build schools, work alongside teachers in a girl’s school serving Mayan children who are getting a chance at education they never would have otherwise had. More…

20 volunteer workday

Why Guatemala?

It’s safe, close, yet so totally foreign. 2000 years of Mayan history crashes into 500 years of European colonial rule. The Highlands are temperate and comfortable and the people are warm & friendly. More…